Burn-B GoneOTC® NDC51483-002-20 Clinical Strength 3-Pack

Burn-B GoneOTC® NDC51483-002-20 Clinical Strength  3-Pack
Item# 59140-3

Product Description

3-Pack Clinical Strength 2.5 fl. oz. Burn-B GoneOTC® with Allantoin Advanced Formula for Burns, Scars & Wounds Hydrophilic Gel. It Soothes and Revitalizes burned or traumatized skin or skin following a surgical procedure, laser skin resurfacing, TCA & chemical peels, laser hair removal, lip, nasal-labial fold and derma-filler injections and dramatically improves post surgical scars.

Works great for post radiation therapy to relieve the pain associated with typical radiation treatment. (Better than high dose pain relievers).

Burn-B GoneOTC® Works Great on SUNBURNS! Makes the Awful pain, peeling and itching of a sunburn B Gone! (Unlike other products that contain Lidocaine, Burn-B GoneOTC® is safe for Full-Body use).

Burn-B GoneOTC® also helps your skin to appear more youthful and radiant, with continued use. Apply to the face and neck 2 times per day morning and night after washing the areas with mild soap, let dry before applying make-up. You should notice your skin improvement in texture, color and fullness within the first several days of use.

Thanks to all of our loyal repeat customers, US Military, US Veteran Hospitals and GSA we are able to operate at a much higher capacity lowering our costs, and are able to pass on the savings directly to you!