Case Studies

Dr. Robert Joseph, Surgeon, Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA

William D. Gillan

Burn B Gone (DeWitt Laboratories, Beverly Hills, CA comes from the world of surgery and dermatology to the general public. I call this product the Swiss Army Knife of skin care because it has so many uses. More are being discovered everyday. I have successfully field-tested and used it for sun exposure, wound care, sting relief, burns, and dermatological issues. My comments in this letter are the result of testing in Florida, the Caribbean (Bonaire), and coastal New Jersey. The letter was generated in mid-study to provide feedback for potential users and consumers.


I used Burn B Gone as pre-sun lotion in conjunction with water resistant sunscreens. I used this combination 28 of 29 days in the tropics while diving everyday. The only day I got burned was the one day I didn’t used this combination. My colleagues had similar results. Burn B Gone was used each day after extreme sun exposure. It works to restore skin that has been in the sun too long. This field test was on skin (mine and others) that has been in the sun for many years as a swimmer, diver, snorkeler, scientist, surfer, and parent. The product is really easy to apply and helps immediately. Results are clear, Burn B Gone may be used as a daily pre-sun and post-sun, as well as for skin that has had long-term exposure to the sun. It is not a sunscreen replacement, but it will make any sunscreen work better and help sun damaged skin.

Aging Skin

Additional field tests are with the AARP age group. While no product will de-wrinkle skin or make new cells, Burn B Gone has already been shown to reduce age spots, renourish old, sagging skin, and make even a 93 year-old exclaim how it has helped rejuvenation. These results are not clinical tests, but tests with real, everyday folks who are dealing with wounds, abrasions, traumatized skin, and daily struggles to find relief. To date, Burn B Gone has been a significant find. I have never heard so many...where can I get it?


A variety of stings, scars, bites, and wounds have been treated with Burn B Gone. Wounds from jellyfish stings, cactus thorns, scrapes, scabs, healing cancer treatments, coral cuts, a dog bite, wart burnoffs, and kitchen burns have all been successfully treated with Burn-B Gone. Healing among many of these folks was remarkably fast. The speed was brought to my attention by several of the test subjects.

So What

As a scientist, educator, consultant, and parent my tests to date point to one thing. This product is going to help a lot of people. I’d say...too much sun today or too much sun in your lifetime, Burn B Gone provides immediate everyday. For sun, wounds, aging skin, bad burns, and dermatological issues this is pretty amazing stuff. It may sound like a commercial, but after field testing dozens of biological products over the past 11 years, Burn B Gone works, plain and simple.

William (Bud) Gillan Biologist Boca Raton, FL.