BEFORE and AFTER PICTURES & Testimonials

BEFORE and AFTER PICTURES & Testimonials
Dear DeWitt Laboratories, "I am 75 years of age visiting South Florida for the winter from Michigan. I had a bad fall and split my head open and because of my medications I am on, I bled profusely. I was rushed to North Broward Hospital on Sample Road in Pompano Beach and admitted immediately for treatment. The wound required eight staples and other tests were needed to make sure my condition was stabilized. I was released and sent home with instructions for aftercare and follow up with Dr Bachoo Singh, MD, within 24-48 hours. It was recommended to me to use the Burn B GoneOTC gel in place of Peroxide and Neosporin due to my age and tender skin. Burn B GoneOTC reduced the swelling, inflammation, and relieved the pain and itching while healing. Dr Singh removed the staples 7 days later and was amazed with the rapid healing results promoted from using this gel. As you can see very much from my pictures, I have little, if any scarring from the use of Burn B GoneOTC by applying it 3-4 times daily. I will always continue to use this amazing product, as it has help to heal other skin conditions and irritations I have". -Donna Woolever, Flint, Michigan

Dear Burn B GoneOTC, "I absolutely love this product. I bought this for my mother in law for her radiation damage to her skin. It works so much better than the prescription her Dr. gave her and the prescription cost $60 per tube, she would have needed 4 tubes during her treatment. Thank you for such a wonderful product! -Nancy L, Naples,FL

Dear Burn B Gone, "This is the best burn product Ever!! I severely burned my arm on a 450 degree oven burn on a cookie sheet. This product is seriously so amazing!!!!!! It saved my arm from a potential really nasty scar! -Chris Griffin

Dear DeWitt Laboratories, Inc. "As a person living with cancer, I have been amazed with the results given me by Burn B GoneOTC. I have undergone 43 days of radiation, 5 exposures each day, with very little skin irritation thanks to your product. Prior to being told by a friend of Burn B GoneOTC I had been using a variety of skin creams recommended by the oncology staff to lessen my skin burn. They did little to relieve the burning and associated discomfort from the radiation. Burn B GoneOTC changed all of that. It gave me overnight relief and the burning did not return during the continuing radiation. I used Burn B GoneOTC every day after treatment and was overjoyed by the results. I have also used Burn B GoneOTC for relief of sunburn both at the beach and snow skiing this past year. The results have been just as remarkable. My skin does not peel or blister and while this should not take the place of sunblock it sure is refreshing to know if I mess up Burn B GoneOTC will bail me out. Thanks again for this product". -W.D. Sorber, Springfield, Virginia

"I had a tummy tuck a few months ago. I was concerned about the large scar it usually leaves, but my doctor told me to use Burn B Gone 3 days after my stitches were removed to heal and shrink the scar. A few days after I used it I noticed my scar started to blend in with the rest of my skin, the redness went away and it is barely noticeable. Usually products don't do what they say, but Burn B Gone sure did, thank you so much." -Nancy P, Los Angeles, CA

"My 5 year old son Thomas, grabbed my frying pan off the stove full of hot grease. The grease poured all over his arms and chest, he wouldn't stop screaming. I bought everything I could but nothing worked. A friend told me about Burn B Gone. I was amazed at how well it worked, he stopped screaming. Thank you for helping my son." -Maria De La Torre, Long Beach, CA

"I burned the top of my hand quite severely in the kitchen at work. I immediately applied Burn B Gone given to me by a co-worker and was amazed at how quickly the burn pain went away. The entire wound was healed in 2 weeks with no scarring. From Now on I carry Burn B Gone in my pocket at work. It saved my hand from almost certain cosmetic surgery. Keep making Burn B Gone because it works." -Lisa Davis, Miami, FL

"I suffer severely from Psoriasis on my legs. As a pool service technician "Poolman" here in Los Angeles, my legs are always exposed to harsh chemicals and the skin cracks on my legs were so bad you could see all the way to the bone in some areas. I had spent thousands of dollars on various laser and other treatments from my Doctor but nothing worked. A housewife for one of the pools I clean gave me a tube of Burn B Gone and told me to apply it 3 times per day, after only 7 or 8 days the deep cracks sealed and then healed, it was incredible! I have used it ever since for the last 2 years with great success, Thank you Burn B Gone!" -Jim Sanchez, Los Angeles, CA

"I recently went on a tropical cruise and burned myself blood red the first day out. I couldn't even leave my cabin because of the throbbing skin pain and fever. Another passenger gave some Burn B Gone to my wife. She put it on me and all my burn pain was lifted away. My wife and I both thank you for saving our vacation." -Paul and Barbara Weller, Chicago, IL

"Several months ago I had laser hair removal done. It really hurt for a couple of days and was red and irritated. The nurse gave me some cream to use but it didn't help. I researched online and found Burn B Gone, it was worth a try. I used it right away the swelling, redness and pain seem to evaporate, very cool. Now I use it every time I have a laser session and don't have to go through the after pain any more. I've noticed my skin also looks healthier too." -Angela Washington, New York, NY

"My hot water boiler exploded in my basement. My feet were burned by the scalding hot water, sending me to the hospital for 3 days. The doctors couldn't stop the painful burning. A friend of mine urged me to try Burn B Gone. In less than 10 minutes the entire burn pain was gone, my skin started to look healthier. I couldn't believe it. I left the hospital 20 minutes later. Thank you for developing Burn B Gone." -Norman Farnsky, Kansas City, MO

"I had a terrible sunburn from water skiing on the lake. I tried every product I could buy, but nothing worked. My sister told me about Burn B Gone so I tried it. Immediately the pain, fever and redness stopped. Thank you for your product, I tell my friends about it." -Mike Dennison, Dallas, TX

"We went to Oceans of Fun and I forgot to put on my sun screen. I don't tan like mom and sisters. I have fair skin like my dad, and when we got home I was really red and hurting. Mom put some Burn B Gone on me. It really worked great. I stopped hurting right away, and the next day my burn had turned to a tan. I've never had a tan before. Thanks." -Danielle (9 years old), Independence, MO

"Dear Burn B Gone, I have had a remarkable result with your product healing a bothersome lesion on the tail of my Bichon Frise dog. I feared she was doomed to wear the "cone of shame" forever, as the wound would not heal. Within 2 days of using Burn B Gone she stopped bothering it and I have removed the cone, Thank you so much!" Barbara B. Tucson, Az

"My name is Rudy Reyes. In the 2003 San Diego cedar fires I was burned over 65% of my body and have had over 49 surgeries. 125 square feet of cadaver skin was used to save me. I lost my left pointer finger and left ear. I now live with the after effect of burns; pain, nerve damage, and severe dryness/itchiness.

In the after effects of the burns, I found that the itchiness is the nerves trying to fire to the skins old receptors. My new skin isn't set up with the old nerve system so all I get is constant itch. I could rub the skin to bleeding raw and the itch will not go away!

There is also a dryness issue with my new skin. Re-grafted skin is not set up with the plumbing for sweat. So if I am to re-hydrate my skin I have to use a lotion or moisturizer. If not my skin will crack, dry and peel.

Since using Burn B GoneOTC, I have had significant results. I have found the nerve damage has been reduced. My nerves seem calmer and not so fast to fire as to irritate.

The itchiness is also much better as the gel allows the skin to rehydrate. Burn B GoneOTC has allowed my skin to repair and moisturize. This alone has helped with the general appearance of my body looking better. I get complements as to how well I have healed.

I am much less of a grump as to the effects of the burns are not my main concern.

Thank you Burn B GoneOTC!

Rudy Reyes Santee, CA